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L2top list of all new Lineage 2 Private Servers 2024

● EXP/SP - x25/5 | Adena - x10 | Drop - x7 | Spoil - x5 | Manor - x10 | RB - x3 | Quest - x1, Q.Reward - x2, Q.Adena - x5 | SealStone - x1 is our new website. SERVER IS ONLINE!!! STRONG START!!!
NIKARI Interlude x100 CraftPVPserver . We have autofarm on our server, all NPCs: Buffer, GMshop, GlobalGK and many others are available by command and in the Community Board Alt+B.
L2UMA - CUSTOM INTERLUDE PVP SERVER X500 - NEW SERVER X1000 >> GRAND OPENING 02/03/2024 - AT 20:00 GMT+2 - New Fantasy World High Five Craft-PvP x20 Grand Opening 20th January 2023 at 18:00 GMT +1
Non-P2W, International Community, Modern L2 Client, Stable Server with AntiDDOS
Interlude server with rates x45 GmShop up to S-Grade Opening December 2 at 21:00 gmt+3
#1 in Poland , Greece , United States and Germany . Play now | PvP Server! | Automatic Events | Heroes every 7days | +1500 Players Online | ★ INSTANT CLAN Lv5 ★
Custom Interlude x10000 MegaPvP high stats fast PvP. MultiSkill x1000 PvP you can buy skills from other classes. No wipes
We created a solo farm system for casual players that is similar to the Essence version, with crafter for L-Coins, L-Coins are obtained by killing monsters with higher drops in Tra
Long Term Crafting12x server with autofarm, combined spoiler and crafter class, NPC Buffer, autoevents, class balancing and custom zones, drops, spoils and many more