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Terms and Conditions

Upon completing the registration process, you agree to abide by this Terms and Conditions. We may update this Terms and Conditions periodically, and you can review the current terms on this page. Your continued use of our services indicates your acceptance of any changes. The latest version of this Terms and Conditions will always be accessible for your reference. If you find any part of these terms unacceptable, you may cancel your account by visiting your account dashboard and terminating your account.

Links provides links to external websites for your convenience. We do not control these third-party sites and do not endorse their content. Your interaction with these sites is at your own discretion, and we do not assume responsibility for their material or content.


We do not accept responsibility for any third-party advertisements that may appear on websites.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of products (non-tangible digital goods), it is not possible to “return” the product therefore we DO NOT offer refund or exchange after purchase is made. If you are having any issue with receiving our digital goods, or have any questions, please contact us using contacts page from our website, we will do our best to resolve the problem.

Age Restrictions

Users must be 14 years or older to access and its services unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. By using this website, you confirm that you are 14 years of age or older, or if under 14, you are supervised by a parent or guardian.

User Rules

  • Users may face account suspension or termination on the entire website for using inappropriate language or engaging in inappropriate behavior, as determined by Inappropriate language and/or behavior are not allowed on websites.
  • is not responsible for user content, postings, chat, and/or communications. Users are responsible for their own actions.
  • By adding a server/website to our lists, you agree that you are the representative of that server/website, and you take full responsibility for its legality.
  • holds no responsibility for its users actions or external content.
  • may or may not provide any warning or notification if your server/website is removed.
  • Any display of the voting button or a voting request that is not part of the sites normal design is prohibited.
  • Websites displaying illegal (warez) or adult content (nudity, erotica, etc.) are not allowed.
  • You are allowed to have the voting link ONLY on your actual site and its content. You are not allowed to have the voting link popup unrequested, be found inside any program or game, or use any other method in which the user does not arrive at the voting link without their own explicit actions. Using any methods of sending users through your voting link other than from your actual website will result in your site being removed from the list. Any attempts at cheating, including but not limited to spamming, begging, proxy voting, forced voting, or multiple votes from the same person within 12 hours, will result in a ban. Your site staff/users/players must be notified that such methods of voting are UNACCEPTABLE, and therefore they must not engage in such activities.
  • You are not allowed to generate invalid votes for other sites just to bring them to our attention. Any attempt at such actions is logged and punished without any prior notice from

General User Conduct

  • Do not post, distribute, or otherwise make available or transmit any data, text, message, or computer file that is deemed defamatory, abusive, harassing, insulting, threatening, or that could be deemed stalking.
  • Do not post, distribute, or otherwise make available or transmit any data, text, message, computer file, or other material that infringes and/or violates any right of a third party or any domestic or international law, rule, or regulation, including but not limited to copyright, patent, trademark, or other proprietary rights; right of privacy (specifically, you must not distribute another persons personal information of any kind without their express permission) or publicity; any confidentiality obligation.
  • Do not advertise or sell any products, services, or otherwise (whether or not for profit), or solicit others or use any Forum for commercial purposes of any kind.
  • Do not post, distribute, or otherwise make available or transmit any software or other computer files that contain a virus or other harmful component.
  • Do not impersonate any person or entity or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person or entity.
  • Do not engage in antisocial, disruptive, or destructive acts, including flaming, spamming, flooding, trolling, and griefing as those terms are commonly understood and used on the Internet.
  • Do not delete any legal notices, disclaimers, or proprietary notices such as copyright or trademark symbols, or modify any logos that you do not own or have express permission to modify.
  • Do not post, distribute, or otherwise make available or transmit material or make statements that do not generally pertain to the designated topic or theme of any Forum.

We reserve the right to remove any material and, if deemed appropriate, to turn over to law enforcement officials any material, including messages, e-mails, or postings, that is in violation of these Rules. We also reserve the right to remove messages, e-mails, or postings that do not pertain to the designated topic or theme of the service as determined by We also reserve the right to comply with any order or otherwise cooperate with law enforcement officials regarding the identification of any user alleged to be using an website or service in violation of the law. We reserve the right to remove any server from the list without any notification!

Voting Policy

Each account is permitted to vote once every 12 hours for as many servers as desired. Engaging in activities such as faking IPs with proxies and creating fake accounts may result in the suspension or banning of the account(s).

Reviews Policy

We encourage users to provide constructive feedback through reviews. To maintain a positive and respectful community, please adhere to the following review rules:

  • No use of bad language, cursing, or swearing.
  • No insults or offensive content.
  • No spamming in the reviews section.
  • No advertising for your server or website on the review section of other servers.
  • Limit to one review per server to ensure fair representation.

Your cooperation in following these rules helps create a valuable and respectful environment for the entire community.

Technical Support

For technical assistance or support-related inquiries, please reach out to our dedicated technical support team using the following contact channels:

Our technical support team is available during Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM GMT+3, and we will make every effort to address and resolve any technical issues promptly.