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Server status
Added: 08.06.2023 07:32
Opening date: 31.12.2023 14:00 (GMT+1)
Hosted in: Hungary 
Language: English
Chronicle: HighFive
Type: Normal
Platform: Java
EXP rate: x5
SP rate: x5
Adena rate: x5
Drop rate: x5
Spoil rate: x5
Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +65535
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
Offline Trade
Modded low rate server with the following features:

Valor system
Custom spawn for old mobs from AL, DV, Skyshadow Meadow
Some buffs have power enchant
All Summoner Class upgraded
Human, Elf, Dark Elf level 20-75 buff meld
30-minute buffs, with enchant lasting 55 minutes
Custom skills
Custom quests for Valor system
Dual Zero hour quest H5 / Freya
Stakato Nest spawn mod to the dual quest
Custom Mana / HP Potion and Craft system + MOD in Magic shops
Categorized Gatekeeper in Aden
SevenSigns Gatekeeper mod near and far side of the Necros Catas
Parnasuss made to be a town with a trade zone
Parnasuss is taxed by Innadril
A-grade Weapon Enhance system (on development)
Trade zones in Giran with Gatekeepers
31.12.2023 11:55:53