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L2top list of all open Lineage 2 Private Servers 2024

Bot project you can be sure of! No wipe. No P2W. Multibox allowed. Bots allowed. Stable, fully working geo bosses, mobs, areas, skills etc. NPC Buffer 1h. Join us!
Mega PvP Server, many new Skills, Items, as well as new slots, Agathions, and Costumes are available right now!
Most stable server on the planet! Premium accounts, NPC Buffer, Interlude events, Custom hats, Dualbox +5, and a lot more. Join us, test us, love us!
● EXP/SP - x25/5 | Adena - x10 | Drop - x7 | Spoil - x5 | Manor - x10 | RB - x3 | Quest - x1, Q.Reward - x2, Q.Adena - x5 | SealStone - x1