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L2top list of all open Lineage 2 Private Servers 2023

HIGH FIVE PRIVATE SERVER Player vs Player becomes fun again. No hype, no bull, just dedication and love for what we do.
The ultimate Lineage 2 server, designed for players who crave the perfect blend of PvP and PvE action.
Funworld - Это мир развлечений в игре Lineage 2 Interlude х50. Так же тебя ждет море фана и PVP. Рейты сервера - Exp х50, SP x50, Adena x10, Drop x10, Spoil x15, Quest Drop x10, R
High Five x25 on Salvaiton client. New and unique gameplay features.
MULTISKILL MOD The game has implemented a large-scale multiskill mod - learning the skills of all classes and races without restrictions, learning the skills of armor sets, skills
EXP - x23 SP - x23 Adena - x5 Drop - x50(increased drop rate for weapons and armor) Spoil - x50 Seal Stones - x15 Manor - x10 Drop quest items - x3(reward x5 not for all) Drop Raid
All welcome, free to play, some nice feature on server, long term project
The best stable and balanced High Five server, convenient quality, well-thought-out economy, minimum donation. Become the ruler of the whole world.
L2Wave essence 6.3 Crusader Join us to have fun and good time!No Gm Shops No Custom Locations!
L2GR HighFive 120x Server @everyone ⚔️ GM Shop Vesper-Vorpal / ALT+B Buffs 3 hours ⚔️ ⏰ Grand Opening 01-07-2023 @ 20:00 GMT +3
Full Buffer, GM Shop, Custom Items, Global GK, Auto Hunt, Many Customs
Rates: EXP/SP x100, Drop x400, Spoil x400, Adena x1, Raid Boss x15, Seal Stones x15, Quest x10-x25 custom mid rate x10 server skills 100% geodata 100% anti lag 100% more info discord on web ;]
⚔️ Lineage 2 Thorin ⚔️ Adena x300 - Exp x300 Safe +3 Max +20 More info: WEB SITE :